Twitter Can Give and Receive Bitcoin Tips

Twitter Can Give and Receive Bitcoin Tips

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Brett Jordan

Last May, Twitter introduced a tipping feature to some Twitter users in the United States. This feature allows them to link profiles to Cash App, Patreon, Venmo, and other platforms where people can provide financial support.

According to Twitter's head of creator monetization, Esther Crawford, Twitter wants all users to have access to money. That's why today, Tips – one of the first features to roll out this year, provides a new way for people on Twitter to support each other and earn money.

“Tips is also the first monetary feature that everyone can use. We will be rolling out Tips for iOS users starting today, then on Android users in the coming weeks," said Esther Crawford via her Twitter blog, Friday (24/09).

“We are expanding the reach of users of this feature and the ways in which people can tip. For the first time, users can receive Bitcoin as a tip by adding their Bitcoin address or Strike account. GoFundMe and PicPay, Brazil's mobile payment platform, are also available on Tips," Esther added.

Twitter users in the United States and El Salvador will have the additional option of sending and receiving tips with Bitcoin via Strike, which is built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network that allows users to send or receive cryptocurrency instantly and for free. While people in other countries will be able to receive tips through their Bitcoin addresses.

Strike is here for people in El Salvador and the United States (except Hawaii and New York). Persons in these eligible countries must register or open a Strike account and add their Strike username to receive Bitcoin tips via the Lightning Network. Users can use any Lightning Bitcoin wallet to send tips to one's Strike account.

“We want everyone on Twitter to have access to money. A digital currency that encourages more people to participate in the economy and helps people send monetary aid across borders and with minimal disruption – be a part of making this happen by supporting us.”